The Ultimate Guide to the Medicine Ball Starbucks Drink

If you’ve ever visited a Starbucks location or browsed its online menu, you may have seen a strange and well-liked drink known as the “Medicine Ball” Starbucks drink. This calming beverage, often known as the “Cold Buster” or “Honey Citrus Mint Tea,” has a devoted following for its soothing flavor and potential health advantages. This in-depth explanation of the Medicine Ball Starbucks beverage covers everything from its history and components to how to make it yourself.

What is the Medicine Ball Starbucks Drink?

The calming and comforting qualities of the Starbucks Medicine Ball beverage have made it a favorite among customers. It is a hot tea-based beverage. It is produced by blending steamed lemonade, honey, and a smidgen of peppermint with two different Teavana tea bags—Jade Citrus Mint and Peach Tranquilly. A delicious and aromatic blend is the end product, which is ideal for times when you need a little boost.

The Ingredients of the Medicine Ball Starbucks Drink

The components of the Medicine Ball Starbucks beverage combine tastefully to produce a soothing and fragrant beverage. The essential elements are broken down as follows:

  • Teavana Jade Citrus Mint Tea: This tea offers a light combination of mint and citrus flavors, which adds to the beverage’s calming flavor.
  • Teavana Peach Tranquilly Tea: This tea’s herbal and peach flavors go well with the mint tea’s delicate sweetness.
  • Lemonade that has been steaming: Steamed lemonade adds to the beverage’s overall calming impact and cozy warmth.
  • Honey: In addition to adding natural sweetness, honey has possible health advantages, such as easing sore throats.
  • Peppermint Extract: The addition of a dash of peppermint extract enhances the flavor profile of the beverage and gives it a cool twist.

Medicine Ball Starbucks Recipe

It’s surprisingly easy to make your own version of the Medicine Ball Starbucks beverage at home. A short recipe for this wonderful beverage is provided below:


  • One Teavana Jade Citrus Mint Tea Bag is included.
  • 1 tea bag from Teavana Peach Tranquilly
  • one hot cup of water
  • Steamed lemonade, 1/2 cup
  • Honey, 1-2 teaspoons
  • A little amount of peppermint oil


  • Water should be brought to a boil before being gradually cooled.
  • Add the boiling water to the mug with the tea bags inside.
  • Give the tea bags about five minutes to brew.
  • Take out the tea bags, then stir in some steaming lemonade.
  • To add a cool twist, stir in a little honey and peppermint extract.
  • Enjoy the Starbucks beverage you created yourself, Medicine Ball!

How to Order the Medicine Ball Starbucks Drink

You may easily order the Medicine Ball Starbucks beverage at your neighborhood Starbucks if you don’t want to make it yourself. Simply follow these instructions to place an order:

  • Come up to the counter and order a “Medicine Ball” or a “Honey Citrus Mint Tea.”
  • Indicate that you would like a blend of the teas Jade Citrus Mint and Peach Tranquilly.
  • Ask for it to be made with honey, steaming lemonade, and a dash of peppermint.
  • The barista will make your drink after you pay for it.

How To Order Medicine Ball Starbucks Online

How To Order Medicine Ball Starbucks Online

For those who prefer the convenience of online ordering, the Medicine Ball Starbucks drink can be customized and ordered through the official Starbucks website or mobile app. Simply navigate to the “Teavana Tea” section, choose Jade Citrus Mint and Peach Tranquility teas, and customize your preferences before placing your order.

Medicine Ball Starbucks Real Name

It’s interesting to note that the Medicine Ball Starbucks beverage isn’t actually on the menu. Because of word-of-mouth marketing and barista familiarity with the recipe, it has become a de facto secret menu item. Ask your barista if you can’t find it on the menu; most of them are familiar with the beverage and will happily make it for you.

Is the Medicine Ball Starbucks Drink Healthy?

Although the Medicine Ball Starbucks beverage is not a replacement for medical care, many individuals think its components may have health advantages. The concoction of teas, lemonade, and honey is thought to be calming and may aid in easing cold or flu symptoms. Though individual experiences may differ, it’s important to keep in mind that this beverage shouldn’t take the place of expert medical counsel.

A Deeper Look into the Health Benefits

Hydration: The Starbucks Medicine Ball beverage offers a warm, hydrating choice, particularly in cold weather or if you’re feeling under the weather.
Soothing for Sore Throats: Tea and honey can be used to soothe sore throats. Tea and honey can help soothe a scratchy or painful throat.
Increased Vitamin C Content: The lemonade in the beverage contributes to the vitamin C content, which is good for the immune system.

The Versatility of the Medicine Ball Starbucks Drink

The adaptability of the Medicine Ball Starbucks beverage is one of its best features. You can consume it without any tea if you’d rather have something without caffeine. By varying the amount of honey used, you can also change the sweetness level. The Medicine Ball Starbucks beverage may be customized to your needs, whether you like a comforting hot beverage or an energizing iced version.


What is Medicine Ball called on Starbucks app?

All you have to do is open the app, navigate to the "Hot Tea" area, select "Green Tea," and then select "Honey Citrus Mint."

Does the Medicine Ball from Starbucks work?

The majority of the advantages associated with the Medicine Ball are anecdotal, and individual outcomes may vary. While some people might benefit from it, others might not feel the same sense of relaxation.

Why is Starbucks tea called Medicine Ball?

This tea is said to be able to prevent sniffles, sore throats, and all the problems that beset us during cold and flu season, despite the fact that the name may sound more like gym equipment.

Is Medicine Ball Starbucks sweet?

The best Starbucks Medicine Ball Tea ever! It's mildly sweet,


The relaxing combination of teas, lemonade, honey, and peppermint in the Medicine Ball Starbucks beverage has made it a popular choice for many people looking for comfort and potential health benefits. This wonderful mixture is certain to warm your soul and improve your emotions, whether you order it at a Starbucks location or make it at home. Try the Medicine Ball Starbucks beverage the next time you’re in need of a pick-me-up because it’s a wonderfully soothing experience in a cup.

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